About Wisdom-Light




Wisdom is the foundation of sound judgement, the competence of problem solving and the capacity to strategise for success.



Guang Li Liang is the integrated power of the Sheng Ming Fa Guang Ti. This positive power is omnipresent and is inexhaustible.



The shedding of the body’s darkness by the engulfing Light – the totality of Guang Li Liang, unbolts the portal of wisdom. We therefore identify it as Wisdom-Light. Wisdom-Light is the succinct discernment that manifests in a flash, exceeding the speed of the thought process of a normal person. Instant and precise in its decidedness, it facilitates the resolution of unimaginably complex issues at lightning speed.


A sincere heart is the manifestation of Wisdom-Light.

A sincere heart is the manifestation of Wisdom-Light.

The onset of this technology is sparked by the research on Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang and its use to transmute Sheng Ming Fu Xin Xi Zuo Luan (upheaval –disturbance of negative entities) and Sheng Ming Fu Qi Chang Gan Rao (interference of negative energy fields). This study lies at the very core of the research of Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang Wisdom-Light Technology.



In nature, beings that have left their bodily forms but are yet to enter into the Light, are misconstrued by normal human beings to be formless (invisible), but are actually with forms. These living entities are called 生命负信息 Sheng Ming Fu Xin Xi (negative entities) and come in various configurations. Some are of low energy levels while others are of high energy levels; some are vicious, or are capable of causing deaths to humans.

All are consigned to live in darkness and without the Light, are trapped with indescribable sufferings and are essentially left in the lurch, helplessly with no apparent avenues of assistance. Therefore they seek to claim human lives in order to steal their light-sources in the hope of securing the Light to escape from the darkness. Because of this, accidents abound without them being adequately resolved.



Negative energy fields are also known as negative energy, derived from either natural or man-made sources. Examples of natural sources include the suffocating and foul-smelling emissions from decaying matters of animals and plants, while a man-made source is the health-impacting car exhaust gases. The negative energy fields under our research cover the shrouds of destructive fields left by departing humans and other beings and hence termed as 生命负气场



We can use Wisdom-Light Technology to transmute Sheng Ming Fu Xin Xi and Sheng Ming Fu Qi Chang. With the availability of Light, which is the Light of life, there is every opportunity to rescue these lost entities of darkness by transforming them from dark living entities into living entities with Light. Once this process is completed, human sufferings will be reduced by 69%.



Why so? Because these are the root causes of illnesses. Just as the need to root up weeds, we would similarly need to remove the root causes of illnesses. Much of the pain of illnesses is related to the upheaval caused by these dark living entities exacerbated by the fact that because of our ignorance, we are neglectful of their existence or simply fail to know or recognise their existence.

This is the most mysterious yet conveniently the most obvious truth. In this world, the majority of humans may have heard about the existence of the dark entities yet most do not really fathom their existence and even fewer still deny such things exist. The disparity between those who acknowledge and those who do not will determine the demarcation between a world where human suffering would cease to exist and one where it would continue to flourish.

Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang Wisdom-Light Technology is the fastest way to transmute the two ferocious root causes. It only confers benefits and does no harm. There are neither conflicts nor side effects – only the power of sustainability to all professions, domains and for everyone. Irrespective of race, religion, gender, age or status. Wisdom-Light Technology transcends boundaries so that all may derive benefits, brighten up their bodies, and reduce pains, sufferings and calamities.