Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang Wisdom-Light Technology can be applied through the following:


Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang Wisdom-Light Technology can be used in the following:

Food & Drinks

Before marriage

Transmuting self

Transmuting offices

Health Care

After marriage

Transmuting family

Transmuting factories

Reducing headache

Receptions and functions

Transmuting rebelliousness

Transmuting companies

Reducing toothache


Transmuting effects of retardation

Transmuting electrical

Reducing pain from illness

Babies’ full moon

Couple harmony

Protecting electrical appliances

Stopping pain and bleeding

Infants’ nightly sound sleep

Parent-child harmony

Transmuting schools

Strengthening the body

For healthy fast-growing children

Harmony among children

Transmuting the environment

Safety in sports


Harmony between in-laws

Transmuting hotels

Reducing side effects

Longevity celebrations

Harmony among neighbours

Transmuting cigarette  odour

Stress reduction and
mental alertness

Overseas travels

Harmony among colleagues

Transmuting alcohol odour

Improving eye-sight


Harmony in the office

Transmuting raw smells

Elevating wisdom


Harmony between staff and supervisors

Transmuting peculiar smells

Elevating Character


Reduction of disputes

Transmuting carparks

Elevating Efficiency

Opening of business

Discipline and

Transmuting sports ground

Improving academic

Work and project

Reduction of  violations and misconduct

construction sites

Improving writing skills

Year-end work

Prevention of conflicts

Transmuting accidents at sites

Improving business

Transmuting water sources

Harmonious interactions

Improving the progress of
construction works


Improving water quality

Gatherings and reunions

Transmuting accident hotspots

Delay ageing process

Strengthening plants against the cold and drought

Giving up smoking and alcoholism

Transmuting Lunar Calendar year-end

Transmuting the human heart

Strengthening plants against typhoons

Celebratory activities

Transmuting offence to Tai Sui

Transmuting human character

Agricultural applications

All festive occasions

Transmuting Qing Ming

Transmuting the genes

Preventing pest

following relocations

Transmuting cemeteries

Strengthening energy fields of Tian Di Ren

Preserving fruit freshness

Religious ceremonies

Transmuting the 7th month of Lunar Calendar

Increasing self-

Anti-mould and decay

Marriage or funeral

Transmuting washrooms

Keeping  agent
provocateurs & troublemakers at bay

Reduction of foodborne pathogens

Transmuting residences

Transmuting rivers

Making good people even better

Cultured gardens and 

Transmuting pets

Transmuting oceans

Well-being of everybody

Cultivating plants ablaze with flowers

Reduction of electricity consumption; improving car mileage

Reduction of radiation

Health and auspiciousness

Promoting fruiting of plants

Transmuting cars

Transmuting disasters

Raising happiness index

Faster growing rate of trees

All public arenas

Transmuting natural terrains

The effect and rate of manifestation of the benefits varies from individuals. This is dependent on the degree of residual dark energy, Sheng Ming Fu Xin Xi and Sheng Ming Fu Qi Chang, present.