About Us



  • Transmuting the life-threatening 生命负信息作乱 Sheng Ming Fu Xin Xi Zuo Luan (upheaval-disturbance of negative entities) and transmuting the destructive 生命负气场干扰 Sheng Ming Fu Qi Chang Gan Rao (interference of negative energy fields).
  • Transmuting the sufferings of mankind and developing the body’s wisdom-light source.
  • Transmuting Earth’s disasters and restoring it to its former splendour and glory.


  • Take care of your country as you would your own home.
  • Nurture the company you work for as if it were your own.
  • Work towards the successful accomplishments of your family as you would in your career.
  • Humbly dedicate yourself as a willing service provider.

All these constitute a necessary attitude for the cultivation of a harmonious society.