Our Founder


白世音 Bai Shi Yin is the epoch-making and ground-breaking researcher of Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang Wisdom-Light Technology.

Widely acknowledged as a person of consummate wisdom, especially in the medical sciences, the domain of Wisdom-Light Technology research is boundless, expansive and profound, and its benefits to mankind infinite.

Bai Shi Yin epitomises the totality of the power of Light that is derived from all the 生命发光体 Sheng Ming Fa Guang Ti (Living Light-emitting Bodies).

This is bestowed on her to accomplish her altruistic mission to resolve untold and intractable problems in saving the Earth and humanity.



In the beginning of the 21st century, unexpected and natural disasters abound – natural disasters, viral plagues, wars and terrorist attacks.

Bai Shi Yin has reflected intensely and deeply, turning the problem over and over to find an answer to these unrelenting human sufferings and the disasters of the Earth.

To liberate man from the clutches of sufferings and torment and to free the Earth from its afflictions, Bai Shi Yin embarked on her life journey of discovery and research.