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Agriculture is the lifeblood of the whole world!

This is because it is related to the liveability of the environment and determines the living conditions of human existence. The 21st Century is the era of the ascendancy of positive energy and the decline of negative energy and accordingly, positive energy agriculture comes into being.

In this epoch-making history of the perpetual flow of space-time convergence, this is the era of the emergence of positive energy. Bai Shi Yin Guang Bo has conceived Guang Li Liang Agriculture, the healthy mode of agriculture which is a culmination of her research and discovery. Its contribution to mankind and society is the cultivation of happy farmers finding joy in planting, and the attainment of consumers' peace of mind in enjoying agricultural produce.

The implementation of Guang Li Liang Agriculture leads to the process of redressing the problems faced by the long suffering and battered Earth, and preventing the pollution of our water sources so that the environment is filled with positive energy and is full of Guang Li Liang. The research work of Bai Shi Yin has led to the discovery of Guang Li Liang and culminates in the invention of Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang, which makes it possible for mankind to survive in the bright world of a clean environment. With the application of Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang in all the various domains, what results is the creation of a formidable protective force! With its current application in agriculture, the results are no less astounding. This is the reason why we are advocating Guang Li Liang Agriculture for the benefit of mankind.

The ultimate goal: the attainment of healthfulness and happiness of mankind, and the restoration of Earth’s beauty and splendour.

Bai Shi Yin Guang Bo

Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang Agriculture reduces the use of toxins, resulting in agricultural crops filled with positive energy; luxuriant growth of plants; and affording tender care to mankind and protecting water sources and the Earth.

Let us promote and advance Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang Agriculture to all corners of the world irrespective of race, religion or nationality. The union of the life mission of Light-transmuting mankind and the Earth and the application of Bai Shi Yin Guang Li Liang in agriculture would give rise to an incredible force, and the formation of a whole industrial chain of sustainable development, creating more job opportunities at the same time.